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Athletic Ant™ Complete Resistance Band Package


The Athleticant
Complete Package

Your New Portable Home Gym Awaits You!
(And Without The Hefty Fees or Hassles)


Who says you need to slave away at a packed and sweaty gym to get the workout you need?

You don’t. No matter if your favourite gym is closed or you simply want an alternative way to get your workout in, our Resistance Bands offers you a simple + effective way to use the power of resistance bands to build strength while toning your arms, legs, glutes and more!

And the best part of all, it’s completely portable. Work out at home, in your favourite park on sunny afternoon, while traveling abroad – or wherever you wish!


The Athleticant Resistance Bands offers you numerous benefits and solves many of the most common problems associated with working out by…


- Saving you TIME by being able to exercise anytime and anywhere you wish!

- Saving you MONEY compared to paying expensive and on-going gym fees!

- Saving your BODY from the damage caused by strenuous lifting or workouts!

This exclusive and complete set of premium-quality and highly durable (and adjustable!) resistance bands are perfect for longer workouts, simple stretching exercises, warm-ups and even recovery. It offers everything you need to help you carve out the healthy and toned body you truly desire – but in a fun, simple and very affordable way!


Here's everything that’s included in The 70KG Athleticant™ Resistance Bands…

- 2 Soft Foam Handles

- 2 Ankle Straps

- 1 Door Anchor

- 4.6kg Band (Yellow)

- 6.8kg Band (Red)

- 9.1kg Band (Green)

- 11.34kg (Blue) x 2

- 13.6kg Band (Black) x 2

- Carrying Bag


Q1: How does this anchor to the door? Do you need to fix something permanently to the door?

A1: No. It's a strap that you place on the top of a door and close it shut. You can also adjust it to fit your height requirements. It's really easy!

Q2: Would this help me lose weight?

A2: YES! Many of the workouts provided are high-calorie burning.

Q3: Are there exercises to build pecs and upper back as efficiently as gym machines?

A3: Yes. You can do resistance push ups, chest flys, and pullovers.

Q4: Can I grow muscle using the Resistance Band Set?

A4: Yes, you can grow muscle by consistently working out. Just like any other gym, this takes time and dedication. You can do it!

Q5: Does this need any additional equipment?

A5: Not at all, everything you need is provided in the set!