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Athletic Ant™ Hip Fabric Bands

3 DIFFERENT RESISTANCE LEVELS: Each set of our resistance bands contains 3 bands in different resistance levels, labeled by different colors (green-light, pink-medium, purple-heavy). Hence, a set can handle varies of exercises. Our resistance bands are applicable for a wide age range of customers. From 12 year-old young girls to 65 year-old seniors, this band set will always be an excellent choice.

SAFETY IS OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY: With the durable fabric and elastic latex line design, the resistance bands are non-break, non-slip and non-roll. This allows our workout bands to handle every reasonable indoor and outdoor training while providing sustainable protection due to the thickness and solid latex. Also, never worry about breaking during exercise because our resistance bands design passed pressure test. We guarantee our durability, quality and customers’ safety.

EXCELLENT PORTABILITY: The bands are very light to be carried with due to the most amazing material we made them. The exercise bands set also includes a plastic bag and a nylon bag. Customers can use them anytime in any places. No matter home, outdoor, or gym, that will do it. This will be your to-go free gym while traveling or visiting.

PERFECT APPLICABILITY: This set of resistance bands is suitable for both men and women, adolescents and adults. Using it in different ways help you to build up your body via different areas, such as glutes, legs, abs, arms etc. With 20 minutes per day of training, after 1 month you will see the change of your body. Also, the set can satisfy your different purposes of exercise, no matter injury rehabilitation or serious muscle development due to the 3 bands in different resistance levels.

FREE TUTORIAL BROCHURE: A set of fitness bands includes a free tutorial brochure which allows users faster on the road to fitness. This brochure introduces 9 basic ways about how to use the bands properly and efficiently. It’s like having a free personal coach.