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Athletic Ant™ Push Up Board 9 in 1

FREE WORKOUT SHEET: with instructions! Our mission is to make it easier for people to work out, because of this our work out sheet suggests 3 fitness routines with the Push Up Board. This also has some general advice to keep in mind when exercising and shows you the correct form for each muscle.

MINIMISE EXCUSES: You told yourself all those months ago you would get fitter and it’s time to minimise the excuses, the push up board is quick to assemble, easy to store, fully portable and simple to use so you can now workout anywhere, anytime.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY: No need to commit toa gym membership and spend precious time getting to the gym, your fitness journey can start right here, right now, even from where you’re currently sitting.

DO IT FOR YOU: Your body is designed for exercise, not for extra fries! Fitness is proven to make you mentally healthier, happier, more focussed, less stressed, less prone to diseases and many other benefits. Healthy body healthy mind.

REACH FITNESS GOALS: Let the gains begin. Train Shoulders, Triceps, Chest and Back by moving the handles into the colour coded slots to train the muscles you want to grow, get that pump going and blood flowing.