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The 6 Week Transformational Challenge

“6 Weeks Is All It Takes to Finally Achieve
Your Dream Body - Are YOU Up For
This Exciting Challenge?”

This challenge will transform your body by melting off pesky body fat, toning up key muscles, and boosting your overall energy levels!


The ONE Challenge Made for Men + Women Who Are Serious
About Taking Control of The Way They Look and Feel!

You’re Only 6 Short Weeks Away From The Dream
Body That You’ve Always Secretly Wanted!

Your time has finally come…

You’ve landed here reading this page for a very good reason.

You’re ready to feel good and to look good again in your own body. This means trimming off all those unwanted pounds of body fat and toning up the muscles of your body

- If you’re a MAN - maybe you want to say goodbye to a bulging belly, those weak arms and legs, or maybe you simply want to have more energy, stamina and even a greater sex drive. 

- If you’re a WOMAN - maybe you want to tighten up those flabby arms, slim down your belly and hips, or be able to fit into that sexy black dress again or your favorite pair of blue jeans. 

No matter who you are, or your fitness or weight loss goals, we’re here to challenge you. We want to bring out the very best in you, and most of all – the very best in your health and fitness.

To put it more simply, we want to help you LOOK & FEEL amazing!

By now, you’ve probably already tried other diets or workout plans. Heck, you’ve probably spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on these various diets and plans, or workout equipment.

But the truth is, there’s a reason WHY many of these popular diet and workout plans never give you the long term results you really want.

Actually, there are 3 BIG reasons, and here they are…

Reason #1: They do not properly educate you on the fundamentals that work.

In order to get long term results when it comes to staying fit and lean, it’s very important that you know the fundamentals of WHY one gains weight, WHAT the importance really is with ‘clean eating’ - and so much more. Most programs or diet plans completely neglect this.

Reason #2: They are not realistically sustainable for the long term – only short term. 

Many fitness or weight loss programs are very extreme and/or high intensity. Sure, you may get quick results, but being able to sustain this kind of extreme level of a diet or workout program is simply not realistic for the long term. This is why most people who get results from these programs find that they put back on all the weight (or even more) a year later.

Reason #3: They don’t put you in full control of your own diet + exercise routine.

And lastly, many programs require you to buy certain foods, invest in various equipment or require you to go to a gym. This means you’re at the mercy of the company or gym – giving up a lot of your own control. With the challenge we’re about to reveal to you, you’ll be in FULL control of every aspect of your own weight loss journey.


The 6-Week Transformational Challenge has been created to not only put you in full control
of how you lose weight and pack on lean muscle, but it’s also VERY ENJOYABLE!



This isn’t a gimmicky workout program or another fad diet…

This exclusive challenge is based on timeless scientific principles that are proven to work when it comes to full-body weight loss and adding on lean + strong muscle.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get When You
Invest in The 6-Week Transformational
Challenge In The Next Few Minutes…

The 6-Week Transformational Challenge will give you ALL the information, tips, methods, and more to help you lose weight and look amazing in only 6 short weeks.

This is a complete all-in-one challenge where you will be in full control of everything. All you need to do is go through the guides, take action daily, and follow the proper diet outlined in the challenge. That’s it!

This is a very in-depth challenge that’s been carefully tailored and uniquely formulated to get you MORE results in LESS time. It requires zero guesswork on your part. Everything is provided for you from A to Z!

Here’s what’s included in the 6-Week Transformational Challenge…

* Exercise & Eating Healthy for a Healthy Life Guide (PDF) *

* Easy to Follow At-Home Body Weight Workout Guide (PDF) *

* Useful Checklists, Journal, Meal Plans, Recipes & Shopping Lists *

Not only will you get all the exercises you need to do in the comfort of your own home, but the main guide offered to you during this challenge will also reveal to you…

  • The major causes of weight gain, a quick ‘rule of thumb’ you should know, as well as some sneaky industry secrets! This is a must read!

  • How to step out of your own comfort zone, move beyond fear, and persist through failure. This one simple ‘system’ will help you stay on the right track!

  • The vital importance of calories in – calories out, as well as clean eating, reducing food portions and also making sure you get enough of this ONE substance to boost health!

  • The 3 main types of exercises that will not only help you fast track your way to weight loss success – but we’ll also reveal effective exercises you can do right at home!

  • The real secrets of staying healthy and happy – as well as all the main advantages that staying healthy has to offer you. (Hint: these go more than skin deep)



When you can combine ALL of the information found in this user-friendly guide, along with the additional at-home workouts, meal plans and more that will be provided for you during this challenge – you’ll have everything you need to lose fat the fast and smart way!

Here’s What Everyday People Like Yourself Are Saying
About The 6-Week Transformational Challenge

This challenge has changed the way I think daily about what I eat, it has taught me so much about eating right and how important daily exercise is, even if it’s doing stairs at work on a lunch break…and how much better I can look and feel by doing these simple things.  I have no plans to stop doing what I have been doing, this will become a way of life for me! - Rosie
 This has been a pivotal moment in my life because I have exercised for a long time, but have never gotten to the point where I feel like my results have matched my effort. This is the leanest I have been in my life and plan to get even leaner.- Mark

The challenge was a great opportunity.  It is encouraging to have a deadline to accomplish something worthwhile, and it is helpful to have accountability. This was a good experience.  I am so glad I participated. -Nancy

You Only Have ONE of Two Choices
You Can Make Right Now…

You can continue down the same path in life where you’ll only add on more weight, feel more tired or depressed. The longer you continue down this path, the harder it’ll be in the future to finally shed those unwanted pounds.

The other option is for you to join The 6-Week Transformation Challenge right now to not only transform your health – but also your entire life. Everything you’ll need to lose weight, to tone up, and to feel more alive than ever will be provided for you.

Clothes will fit better. You’ll be proud of how you look in the mirror. Your sex drive will increase along with your energy. Friends and family will notice just how great you look. And most of all – you’ll feel really GOOD about yourself.

The final choice is now up to you.

And to make this choice even easier for you, we’re going to go ahead and offer you £50 OFF this 6-Week Transformation Challenge. But act soon, because this price may go up very shortly.

The typical investment to get INSTANT ACCESS to all of the materials you need to complete The 6-Week Transformation Challenge is £99.99…

But today, with your £50 off discount, you’ll get immediate access
to the entire challenge for the one low payment of ONLY £49.99

When you consider how much most health programs, new fad diet or even the cost of a monthly gym membership can cost, £49.99 is a small drop in a big bucket.

And not only that, the information, methods, and diet plan you’ll receive has been proven to work for those who TAKE ACTION on it. It really couldn’t be easier for you to start and to get the results you truly desire!

Don’t Forget About Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

We’re so confident that you’re not only going to love the information, tips and secrets you’re about to discover inside the 6-Week Transformation Challenge, but you’ll also see a positive change in your own weight loss + energy levels.

With that being said, we’d like to give you 14 full days to go through the 6-week challenge - completely risk free.

If you’re unhappy with this challenge for any reason, simply let us know within the first 14 days of your purchase and we’ll gladly refund your entire investment back to you – NO questions asked! This is how confident we are in this challenge, and how it has the power to burn off the fat on your body in a very healthy and enjoyable way!

Once you go through all the information and easy steps, you’ll realise how just a few small changes in your life can make a dramatic difference in the way you look and feel!